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Message from Baughtenbury Hill House by Debra Brown

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by Debra Brown
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Mr. Darcy turned to his guests. “I have received a message from Baughtenbury Hill House. I am sure that you are all most surprised to hear of it. It has indeed been many years since Lady Charlotte Cantery went there to become the wife of Lord Baughtenbury. Strange and most unfortunate events followed, and the lady went into seclusion in the unusual tower of the home.

Surely you have heard, as I did as a mere child myself, of the birth of her twins, a boy and a girl. They have never been seen but by the few who serve as tutors and solicitor to the family. These, of course, have never spoken of anything inside the gates. Miss Darcy, my dear sister, felt inclined to invite the three to the Ball tonight, but instead of their presence, we have received this, a letter, along with a Louis George Music-Box Clock engraved with the name of Georgiana Darcy.

I will now read to you the letter.

‘My dear Mr. and Miss Darcy and honored guests,

“It was with greatest happiness that we received the kind invitation to the Pemberley Ball, and with the utmost sorrow that we were forced to decline. In our stead, we send this letter of encouragement to great diversion as you dance and dine in the fine company of one another.

‘My sister, Lady Evangeline, and I, not having been In society nor trained in its ways, are quite unskilled in the social graces and would require quite some enlightenment to be able to join in the dance. I do hope to hire a governess for my sister soon, as I shall soon claim my rights as Lord of the manor and will soon insist on managing the properties and money. Perhaps, should we someday step outside the gates of Baughtenbury, you would be considerate of our history and acquaint us with the social life of a lord and lady.

‘I hear tell, and I fear, that my determination to marry Miss Mary Elizabeth Branton may not please all of society. Perhaps I can persuade you to accept that I know none other but the maids in our keep, and I do so love this one. It is, of course, imperative that I produce an heir. She is, as yet, unwilling to compromise my standing as a lord of the realm, but I will have no answer, but yes, to my proposal. She does hold me dear, and hesitates only for you. My mother, despite her many Rules, has told me, “Marry whom you will.”

“Tonight, I fear, that our mother is gravely ill, and we cannot leave her side even for a moment. I send to you, by way of my man, kindest greetings and this gift for Miss Darcy. It is from my mother’s collection and has been a favorite. We do hope it will but begin to express our pleasure at having been in her thoughts.

‘Sincerely and with deepest apologies at our lifelong absence,

‘Dante Lord Baughtenbury and sister, Lady Evangeline’

Mr. Darcy raised his eyes to the crowd, all stunned into silence. “What reply do you have? How shall we receive this pair, and what of the marriage?”

How do you reply?


Guest post created for Pemberley Ball event by Debra Brown, author of The Companion of Lady Holmeshire, published by World Castle Publications
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~-~-~-~-~ guest ~-~-~-~-~
by Debra Brown
~-~-~-~-~ guest ~-~-~-~-~

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