Saturday, November 12, 2011

Guys and Molls: password protected




Her slaty eyes peered at me and had the effect, as usual, of peering from behind a barrel.

She smiled.

Her small sharp teeth glinted.

Cute, aren't I? she said.

we respond...

Cute as a Filipino on Saturday night.


We hear dead bolts being released.

The door opens.

We follow her through a dim narrow passage way.

As we reach the entrance of another door we can see a lively party through the doorway.

The Blond Floozy with a drink in hand is swaying to a tango tune and Gabby Tabi snaps her fingers beside her.

What would YOU see or hear in this 1930's mobster hangout?


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* image source door, eyes

* quote source for gatekeeper: The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler


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