Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Georgiana Darcy

Georgiana Darcy is Mr Darcy's quiet, amiable and shy younger sister, aged 16 when the story begins. When 15, Miss Darcy almost elopes with Mr Wickham, who seeks her thirty thousand pound dowry. Miss Darcy is introduced to Elizabeth at Pemberley and is later delighted at the prospect of becoming her sister-in-law. -per wikipedia

aka Anna Darcy / Georgiana / Georgina 'Georgie' Darcy / Miss Darcy / Miss. Darcy

For this year's Pemberley Ball, Mr Darcy is proud to present a musical performance by his dear sister which will precede the evening's dance.

You shall also see different aspects of her throughout the event to get to know more about this Darcy.

Oh, never fear. Mr Darcy is about mingling with guests as well.

So, flutter those eyelashes and set your fans to come hither mode when he is near.

Bit o'sip sip gossip...

Did you know...

Jane Austen Knits, 2011
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Jane Austen Knits gives you:

~ A wealth of patterns ranging from scarves, shawls, cardigans, socks, and more with step-by-step instructions, diagrams and charts!

~ A look into the knitting world of Jane Austen, her novels, and the Regency Era with fun and enlightening articles.

~A chance to work with luxurious yarns to create exquisite garments that you will love to wear.


* image source created at savivi dress up doll - go make your own

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  1. Oh, this is going on my christmas list.

  2. That Jane Knits book looks awesome!

  3. I used to love knitting but haven't in years. This gives me inspiration to do it again.

  4. The Duchess grinned behind her fan as she contemplated a particular article of clothing she'd rather enjoy knitting for that handsome cad, Wickham.

  5. Ooh! I long to purchase this book for my sister by marriage so she can knit pretty items for me.

  6. Oh -- this makes me wish I could knit more than miles and miles and miles of flat, square things. *sigh*

  7. Indeed, I too could aspire to knit, but it is more fitting that I acquire the book as a provision for my daughter who has already the talent, refined as she is due to my prudent deliberation when engaging a governess.

  8. Lady Victoria grins,
    "Perhaps I should get this for my maid, she could make gifts for me."

  9. It truly is a perfect Christmas gift! The scarf on the cover looks beautiful!

  10. loved all the posts! marvelous event as always - though I went through it backwards. But that is every my way - whoever heard of going forwards...wretched way to travel


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