Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pemberley Ball: Epilogue

The final transports leave the Pemberley estate in a sedate manner during the late hour. We remain outside and wave here and there as the procession passes through the gates.

And in that barouche we see...

Lady Stellectric
Good day!
I am the widow of Sir Gilhead of Meryton.

He died tragically at Goodnestone Park, though no one is quite sure of the circumstances. I love to shop and have a keen interest in collecting parasols. You can never have too many, and I would like one for each corset I buy.


The carriage behind Lady Stellectic, hold Lady Lena and Lord Nic. Unfortunately, we were not able to meet them. Perhaps they will drop in again and introduce themselves.


Oh, but look there! We see Lady Nelle of Orkney

Good day to you, Lady Vee.

I am here to dance the night away and spend time with my dear friend Lizzy.

I hail from the isle of Orkney which, while lovely, is rather lacking in balls. Dancing is one of my greatest pleasures despite the fact that I do not do it as well as I should wish to, hopefully I will get plenty of practice here. It was a pleasure to meet you.


Lord Swineberg the 3rd, Duchess de Borde and Miss Tabiadora Jensen remain in conference at the foyer.

Whatever could their worries be?

Apparently, Lord Swineberg the 3rd is convinced of most unusual movements in the garden... there... just there!

The Duchess de Borde is in agreement after much squinting in the dark.

Miss Tabiadora Jensen is at the ready for within her cloak is a weapon appropriate for the situation.


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* guest post is based on Pemberley Ball RSVPs

* image source gown for Lady Stellectric aka Stellectric

* image source gown for Lady Nelle of Orkney aka Lieder

* image source Elizabeth Bennet

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  3. Feels like a wallflower as she has spent much of her time at the ball lurking behind a flower

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  5. See!!!! I was right! There were zombies at the ball!

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  9. Tis true tis true - I am a zombie! I carry the plague! Will hurt but for a moment - then you will feel no pain evermore! Come into my bone gnawing embrace my dears.

    I do believe M.A.D might be able to do me harm - not some Lord Swineberg the 3rd. Pish posh

  10. The Duchess poked McPig in the ribs, "Well of COURSE there are zombies at the ball - the book says so, SEE - right here on page 129!"

    Over McPig's well-tailored shoulder, the Duchess noticed Pabkins gnawing on Wickham's pomade slicked head. Which served to raise zombies in her esteem by no small amount ;D

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