Monday, November 14, 2011

Pemberley Ball 2011: Cloak Room

Pemberley Ball


A bit delayed are we?

Well... more like fashionably late.

The entry way is crowded with elegant ladies and gentlemen who have come to take part in the Pemberley Ball festivities.

So glad you could join us.

This year's ball highlights Mr Darcy's sister, Georgiana from Jane Austen-related books.


Please hand your cloaks and shawls to the servants who are at your beck and call.

AND sign the GUESTBOOK to be eligible for the Jane Austen-related giveaways...

Please sign the guestbook here or below to enter all giveaways for this event. Note: you may have to tab down through the form to view the SUBMIT button.

~~sample persona~~

Lady Vee aka vvb
Greetings! I am the wife of Lord Vee of America. We are visiting our distant relations Fitzwilliam Darcy and his sister Georgiana. We frequently visit London to acquire books for our book selling business in America.

I look forward to meeting you all and hope that we can become fast friends.


Party crashers:

Are you undecided as to whether or not to come to the party?

Are you unable to commit the time to attend the party "live"?

No need to worry. You are welcome to visit anytime during the party weekend or afterwards to comment on party posts and enter any of my Jane Austen related giveaways!



Is it your first time at the Pemberley Ball?

It will be a kind of role-playing interactive blog game. What is this you ask? Basically, I (or actually my Regency persona, Lady Vee) will be posting festivities and comments for you to participate in throughout the event.

As guests, you are encouraged to react and comment to the posts with your persona character. So be as creative as you like.

Not to worry, simply jump right in and visit any or all posts during this event via links on the sidebar or on the main schedule.

Note: comments eligible to win various Jane Austen-related prizes.

Please feel free to leave questions, queries or concerns regarding this event in comments?


* image source created at savivi dress up doll - go make your own, Lady Vee gown

~~- Pemberley Ball schedule -~~


  1. I can't believe I missed this post. Bad Lady Chatterly. :-)

  2. The eccentric Duchess de Borde relinquished her shawl to the cloak room girl - who blushed furiously when the Duchess took a nip from a flask hidden deep with the impressive confines of the royal decollage. ;D

  3. This is the first time at the ball and it looks so fun.

  4. Can't wait to participate Lady V, I'll be stopping by at some point

  5. This is my first time at the ball. I have attended many balls, but have never arrived in London for the start of the season. I am happy to attend, Lady V, and I thank you for your invitation.
    Victoria, Her Grace the Duchess of Wyndham

  6. Late to the party as usual, but the mysterious (and notorious?) Lady A--- is here!

  7. Ah Lady Vee, I am delighted, but must you hail from America? I never have been to Pemberley in my life, but having heard that the former Miss Darcy is now a viscountess... it comes off so much better, you know, when one is announced.

  8. Hello, everyone! I'm fashionably late for this year's Pemberley Ball, but I'm here to join the fun annual party at Pemberley Ball. It's my second time. I had a great time last year and hope to even have more fun this year. Thanks Lady V for hosting this annual ball. :)

  9. Hello everyone,

    This is my first time attending the Pemberley Ball, and I hope I can make friends with all of you.

    Warmest regards,
    Lady Aurelia Langley

  10. Miss Tabiadora Jensen? (I always liked the sound a 'adora' - tee hee hee)


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