Monday, November 28, 2011

Pemberley Ball: Epilogue continued

At the sound of the alarm, the Bennet sisters assemble into formation to defend the Pemberley estate from the unmentionables.

Lord Swineberg the 3rd
See!!!! I was right! There were zombies at the ball!

Lady Blodeuedd
Feels like a wallflower as she has spent much of her time at the ball lurking behind a flower. She is horrified by what Lord Swineberg the 3rd exclaims and quickly gathers her belongings while running towards the nearest carriage.

Miss Tabiadora Jensen
Tis true tis true - I am a zombie! I carry the plague! Will hurt but for a moment - then you will feel no pain evermore! Come into my bone gnawing embrace my dears.

I do believe the Duchess de Borde might be able to do me harm - not some Lord Swineberg the 3rd. Pish posh

As for the Duchess de Borde, she takes a fortifying swig from her flask and replaces it within her décolletage and...

*Harumph* exclaims the mildly intoxicated Duchess! First there were waving tentacles to be dodged and now a grim melee of disenchanted dead to be dispatched posthaste.

Of course, by all appearances the valient Lord Swineberg & his rapacious rapier were doing a magnificent job all on their own.

Daintly stepping across a body carelessly placed between her and the buffet, the Duchess popped a cherry between her lips while she studied the rum-cake with a contemplative eye.

Well, as the saying goes 'too many cooks spoil the broth' - thus the Duchess saw no pressing need to offer her services in the depatching department. A tentacle whipped out from beneath the buffet and snatched the last slice of rum-cake.

*HARUMPH* snorted the Duchess as she brought her flask down hard upon the offending alien. Bad manners, no matter how other worldly, were simply NOT to be tolerated!


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