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The Chronicles of the Mira by Christine E. Schulze

The Chronicles of the Mira
by Christine E. Schulze

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Published: 2011
Publisher: Writers Exchange E-Publishing
Genre: Fantasy, YA
Rating: 5

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A forest of eternal autumn. Two sisters, one with a temper as fiery as summer's hottest day, another with a temperament calm and sweet as the first day of fall, and the magic song that would change their lives forever.

A girl with a wild spirit and a wonderful gift of song. A special horse that can fly without wings.

An intriguing romance between a mysterious healer with a notorious reputation for wooing young, unsuspecting girls and then breaking their hearts, and the young lady who loved him enough to discover the dark curse he was under-a curse of revenge forbidding him to love anyone ever again-and to break it.

The Chronicles of the Mira tells of the adventures of three girls, Autumn, Amanda, and Lily, and how they helped to restore peace between their two peoples, the mysterious Mira and their closest cousins, the Scintillates. Two noble peoples who never grow old, and, thanks to these three, whose loyalty and friendship to each other, once restored, will never grow old again.

My two-bits:
In-a-word(s): sparkling hooves
I enjoyed these three terrific tales of fantasy set in an autumn-like setting with magic and magical creatures. Classic themes of love and sacrifice run throughout the readings.

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