Thursday, November 17, 2011

Guest: Lady Blodeuedd

Lady Blodeuedd
I am Lady Blodeuedd of Mur-y-Castell in Wales.

My father was acquainted with the Darcy family, but I have not seen them in a while and I am delighted to meet them again.

Lady Blodeuedd takes a turn around the dance floor and stops short before Captain Wentworth and his mischievous smile.

What should she say or do to engage a conversation with this handsome fellow?

Bit o'sip sip gossip...

Did you know...

The Private Diary of Mr Darcy
by Maya Slater
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Literature’s most famous romantic hero opens his diary: it’s intimate, dramatic, deeply passionate, and sometimes downright shocking.

Have you ever wondered what Mr. Darcy was really thinking? Find out his secrets in this captivating novel of love, pride, passion, and, of course, prejudice. Mr. Darcy’s intimate diary reveals his entanglements with women, his dangerous friendship with Lord Byron, his daily life in Georgian London, his mercurial mood swings calmed only by fisticuffs at Jackson’s—and, most importantly, his vain struggle to conquer his longing for Elizabeth Bennet.



* guest post is based on Pemberley Ball RSVPs

* image source gown for Lady Blodeuedd aka Blodeuedd

* image source Captain Wentworth

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  1. The Duchess de Borde gleefully rubs her gloved & dainty hands together in anticipation of a glimpse into darling Darcy's diary! Now THERE'S a juicy morsel fit for a Duchess' consumption, indeed :D

    With a secret smile curving her luscious lips, the Duchess gives the lovely Lady Blodeuedd a teensy thumbs up for having captivated the alluring Mr. Wentworth. Ah, to be but a few years younger, she muses.

  2. One would hope that the Lady Blodeuedd would await proper introduction from a friend before attempting conversation. She must remember that a lady does not approach a gentleman but waits alongside the flowers on the wall. Fluttering of the fan and batting of the eyes can catch a man's attention, but I fear this young woman is dressed in such a way that no fluttering should be required. I do not know what has become of this generation.

  3. (Mine is is so short, I wish I had waited a day and made it longer ;)

    I am wearing such a scandalous dress, I fear my dear old papa would drop dead at the sight of it. But what do do when my eye is on Captain Wenworth. Still..

    Lady Blodeuedd looks around while musing on these thoughts and desperately trying to see someone she knows who can introduce her to the man she seeks

  4. Ah, the handsome Captain himself. I can only hope that my good friend Colonel Fitzwilliam will share his acquaintance. But where is the Colonel?

    A diary of Darcy's has surfaced? I wonder if it is candid enough to put him to the blush.

  5. OH goodness - that Captain Wentworth - I daresay he'll set all the girls in the room a flutter *fans herself*


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