Thursday, June 23, 2011

SteamBoyz coming in July

a virtual book event
steampunk driven
July 28-30, 2011

SteamBoyz = YA steampunk stories with (mostly) YA male protagonists

put the parasols away and
get your goggles!

Books featured:

All Men of Genius
by Lev AC Rosen

The Atomic Weight of Secrets
or The Arrival of the Mysterious Men in Black
-The Young Inventors Guild
by Eden Unger Bowditch

The Sky: The World
by Jessica McHugh

more to be revealed during the event


* curious? here's last year's SteamBoyz schedule

* image source cover of All Men of Genius by Lev AC Rosen

::= SteamBoyz schedule =::


  1. Will there be attractive boys joining us? :P

  2. Love your events! I'll definitely be there!

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  4. Hi V! It's great to be able visit around again. I can"t wait for the next event. Off to check last year event!

  5. I can't wait......... Is it July 28th yet? *sighs and looks at watch* Over a month away :( I can wait, I think.

  6. Very interesting. I particularly like the title of The Atomic Weight of Secrets. Will check it out.

    Chemical Fusion

  7. Exciting! I am just getting into SteamPunk, so anything new I can find is awesome.

    the imagine tree at aol dot com


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