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Exhibit Hall: Gadgets

Looks like this exhibit hall is a popular one filled with gadgetry...

The Inventor
(Fantasies of New Europa Series)
by Morgan Karpiel
kindle version is currently available for 99 cents

Description from the amazon:
For the Countess of Caithmore, a life of wealth has led to misery. Abandoned by her husband and widely accused of being nothing more than a porcelain doll without passion or intelligence, she has ventured into dangerous territory and commissioned the help of the most famous inventor in New Europa for a scandalous project.

In the depths of his laboratory, she will submit herself to a custom-built machine that will determine the extent of her coldness once and for all. The answer she craves carries a hidden risk, however, and the man whose invention has proven her ability to feel passion may not accept the role of lover-by-proxy for long.

The first in the Fantasies of New Europa series, The Inventor debuts a collection of novellas set at the beginning of a lush and adventurous era. Amid the golden hue of gaslights and the clatter of horse-drawn coaches, the series follows a generation of dreamers and explorers that will find each other through separate twists of fate. They will brave impossible odds, solve the exotic mysteries of their time and navigate the sensual desires of the human heart.

Some clockworks...

Like Clockwork
by Bonnie Dee
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Description from the amazon:
Victoria's work with automatons has gained her renown and changed the face of London. But her concern that the clockworks are taking too many jobs away from humans, creating social unrest, is ignored. Given the ugly mood of the underclass, she fears more outbreaks of violence similar to the murder spree of the notorious Southwark Slasher.

Dash, unemployed thanks to the clockworks, has pledged fealty to The Brotherhood, a group determined to bring about the downfall of the automatons by any means necessary. His plan to kidnap Victoria goes awry when the unorthodox scientist pledges her assistance to their cause.

Despite their opposite social classes, a bond grows between them, and Victoria begins to feel emotions she never expected for the passionate Dash. But when the Slasher strikes close to home, Dash and Victoria realize that the boundaries of polite society are far from the only threat to their happiness...

Look who we bump into while browsing some timepieces...

Mysterious Lady Law
by Robert Appleton
win this at Candace's Book Blog -ends July 5
free review copy also available at netgalley

Description from the amazon:
In a time of grand airships and steam-powered cars, the death of a penniless young maid will hardly make the front page. But part-time airship waitress and music hall dancer Julia Bairstow is shattered by her sister's murder. When Lady Law, the most notorious private detective in Britain, offers to investigate the case pro bono, Julia jumps at the chance—even against the advice of Constable Al Grant, who takes her protection surprisingly to heart.

Lady Law puts Scotland Yard to shame. She's apprehended Jack the Ripper and solved countless other cold-case crimes. No one knows how she does it, but it's brought her fortune, renown and even a title. But is she really what she claims to be—a genius at deducing? Or is Al right and she is not be trusted?

Julia is determined to find out the truth, even if it means turning sleuth herself—and turning the tables on Lady Law...

Over there are camera and photography equipment...

Photographs & Phantoms
by Cindy Spencer Pape
kindle version is currently free

Description from the amazon:
Brighton, 1855

As a member of the Order of the Round Table, Kendall Lake is overqualified to be investigating strange phenomena at a seaside photography studio. But since the photographer is related to the Order's most powerful sorcerer, Kendall reluctantly boards a dirigible to Brighton.

Amy Deland is haunted by a shadow that appears in some of her recent portraits. In each case, the subject died within days of the sitting. Does she have her grandmother's gift of foresight, or has she somehow caused the deaths?

As Kendall and Amy search for answers, their investigation draws them together in a most improper way—but it seems the evil presence in the studio is determined to keep them apart…

The Madame of Gravestone
(The Corset Chronicles)
by Misty Burke
kindle version is currently available for $2.99

Description from the amazon:
Tripp Monroe is on an easy assignment, photographing the Kansas City Steampunk Ball. Attendees dressed in costume, playing with mechanical gizmos, surround him and he’s bored out of his mind.

Until…until he’s thrust into a world he’d never imagined. Into a world where the Civil War ended without a winner. Where the North walked away and the South formed their own crippled country.

And the West? Well, they pulled away from both sides and created Westland. A rough and tumble country, complete with an evil King. Before long, Tripp finds himself mixed up with a traitorous band of women looking to overthrow a king.

And, of course, the delectable Emma, leader and Madame of Gravestone, needs him for her plan to work. But, could she want him for more?


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* image source of fair - A view down the Avenue of Palms at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition, 1915

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