Friday, June 10, 2011

Pirates and Persuasion

Pirates and Persuasion
by Jane Austen and vvb
a zombie seaworthy tale

Today we sit with Mrs Croft and the Admiral as Captain Wentworth has been drawn away to a boat ride with others in the party.

The Musgrove sisters ask Mrs Croft if Captain Wentworth has ever had dealings with pirates during his years at sea.

Oh dear, indeed!

He has.


In fact, he as written about them in his journal.
Mrs Croft looks over to the Admiral for confirmation.

'Tis true. I, myself, have not had such unusual encounters as he during all my time at sea. The Admiral reaches over for the strawberry basket.

The pirates he clashed with were...

I shall put it mildly... undead.

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* image source Captain Wentworth from film Persuasion (1995) and zombie pirates

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