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Clockpunk is based very intensively on the works of Leonardo da Vinci and as such, it is usually set during the Renaissance...

As with steampunk, it portrays advanced technology based on pre-modern designs, but rather than the steam power of the Industrial Age, the technology used is based on springs and clockwork.
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Authors include:

by Jay Lake

Jay Lake's first trade novel is an astounding work of creation. Lake has envisioned a clockwork solar system, where the planets move in a vast system of gears around the lamp of the Sun. It is a universe where the hand of the Creator is visible to anyone who simply looks up into the sky, and sees the track of the heavens, the wheels of the Moon, and the great Equatorial gears of the Earth itself.

Mainspring is the story of a young clockmaker's apprentice, who is visited by the Archangel Gabriel. He is told that he must take the Key Perilous and rewind the Mainspring of the Earth. It is running down, and disaster to the planet will ensue if it's not rewound. From innocence and ignorance to power and self-knowledge, the young man will make the long and perilous journey to the South Polar Axis, to fulfill the commandment of his God.

Whitechapel Gods
by S.M. Peters


In Victorian London, the Whitechapel section is a mechanized, steam-driven hell, cut off and ruled by two mysterious, mechanical gods-Mama Engine and Grandfather Clock.

Some years have passed since the Great Uprising, when humans rose up to fight against the machines, but a few brave veterans of the Uprising have formed their own Resistance-and are gathering for another attack. For now they have a secret weapon that may finally free them-or kill them all...

Pasquale's Angel
by Paul J. McAuley

The acclaimed, award-winning author of Eternal Light, Red Dust, and Fairyland, PAUL J. McAULEY has firmly established himself as one of the major contemporary talents in the realm of speculative fiction. Now he takes an exhilarating look back at a past that never was.
In a grim and wondrous industrial age of artists, princes, and philosophers, a struggling painter follows his elusive angel through the twisting, soot-stained streets of Florence. . .and into a world of deceits, dark magics, and murder.

On the eve of the Medici Pope's visit, an assassin has struck down an assistant to the immortal Raphael, the great Florentine Republic's most renowned personage. It is a crime that draws a young artist named Pasquale and the brilliant, alcoholic investigative reporter Niccolo Machiavegli into the deepest shadows of their gray, steam-driven city-where there are fouler deaths to follow. . .and grave intrigues of war, witchcraft, and science that could lead the world-weary journalist and his unwitting companion heavenward or to Hell.

The Clockwork Girl
by Sean O'Reilly

The Tinkerer is a mad scientist convinced that mechanical technology is a stable and precise science and is more important than all of the other sciences.

Metal twists and bends, gears, axles, and ratchets work in unison giving life to a conscious machine - The Astonishing Clockwork Girl!

The Grafter believes that the natural uncontainable power of biology should be revered against all other sciences. Assembling a body from parts of exhumed corpses, organs, skin, and limbs are stitched together to create the son that he could not have - The Amazing Mutant Boy!

Life is beautiful.

The Astonishing Clockwork Girl and the Amazing Mutant Boy begin to take their first steps into this world, learning about individual existence, freedom, and choice.

But a true understanding of who they are can't begin until they meet...


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