Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Maze: Fairy

The fairy from the maze flutters about on this bright summer day and notices a figure at a stand still in front of the mirror of darkness.

OY! maze fairy exclaims. She swoops down to the rescue.

She hovers and taps on Alices's head and receives no response.

She taps on upon Alice's shoulder to draw her attention away for the ominous mirror.

But Alice continues to see the horrors emanating before her.

Finally, she taps on the tip of Alice's nose.

AND, Alice eyes rest upon her.

Hello? Alice responds with a tentative smile.

Dear girl, come away from that and follow me for a lighter, brighter tale.... maze fairy trills in her tinkling voice.


--~ Book Giveaway courtesy of author ~--

Follow My Lead
by Kate Noble

From the national bestselling author: a romantic adventure across Europe starring a marriage minded Duke and an independent beauty...

Jason Cummings, Duke of Rayne is feeling the weight of his responsibilities - one of which is to get married. Being the most sought after bachelor in London can be trying, so who can blame him if he seeks refuge from the voracious hordes of young debutantes at the decidedly female-free Historical Society? Female-free, that is, until Winnifred Crane marches up to the door, demanding entrance.

Despite her prowess as a historian, Winn is denied membership the Society. So she daringly offers an unusual bargain: if she can prove the authenticity of a certain painting, she'll be granted recognition, fame, and respect. But to do that, she must go abroad. And to go abroad, she must have an escort, even a stubbornly unwilling one...

Jason has no desire to accompany Winn on her adventure across Europe, but even he is not immune to Winn's passion for her profession. As the journey proves more difficult than planned, they must work together to stay one step ahead of their rivals.... and the closer they get to the proof Winn seeks, the closer she and Jason become. But as their adventure turns dangerous, can Jason keep this headstrong bluestocking safe? And what will become of their growing bond when the adventure ends?

For more, here's an excerpt.


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* fyi: the book trailer was made by the author, read her tips on how to make one

* image source fairy

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  1. I loved all the illustrations, but I especially loved the last one. I love the cover as well, the smiling heroine seems like she's going to give the hero a run for his money.

    Barbed1951 at aol dot com

  2. I loved the one where Winn was by herself and then it talked about her joining the club, and the club members appeared all around her. Very pretty :)

    jwitt33 at live dot com

  3. I like the illustration that says it might be fun. That one looked really nice.

  4. Love the copy of them together in the boat. What a talented artist and a great idea for a video! :O)

    estrella8888 at roadrunner dot com

  5. I love: It won't be easy, but it might be fun. I loved those two in particular. These are brilliant & so much fun.


  6. What a lovely book trailer! I loved all the illustrations and in particular the illustration where she was surrounded by men.

    Thank you for this giveaway! :D

  7. I wish I could draw like this. It's amazing! I like the third illustration the most. The heroine is beautiful and thougtful there.

  8. Oh, Voodoo Bride wants this book!
    I liked the illustration where they're kissing and then the girl is torn away.

  9. I like the one where I'm pretty sure Winn is falling off a cliff and Duke is saving her.

  10. I like the picture of the Duke of Rayne after the artists tears the paper in half and he is confused because he had just been kissing Winn.

  11. What a fantastic book trailer, unique and absorbing. Such talent. I really liked the picture where Rayne is saving Winn from falling off the edge of a cliff. He is all strength and power and while she is helpless in the moment, she is also putting her trust in him. A moment of bond-building for me.


  12. I like the illustration where they show him on the ship and it says he's a stubborn and unwilling one and of course the red hair. Thanks!


  13. I like the picture of Winn surrounded by her friends from her "smarty-pants club". Thanks for the giveaway!

    vanessanicole21 at yahoo dot com

  14. I love the first picture, the one of Winnifred Crane (with her head on). :D

    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  15. How cute! Kari Drake sure is talented! I'd love to be able to draw like that. :) I loved the kiss scene, and the head full of question marks! LOL
    A strong heroinee = my kind of book. :))
    thanks for the giveaway!!

    kah_cherub at hotmail dot com

  16. the illustration i liked is 'but Winn is smart' looks like a fun summer read ") THX!
    blstef1 at mts dot net

  17. I liked the picture where Rayne is saving Winn from falling off the edge of a cliff. thanks for the giveaway

  18. I liked the one were it said "But it might be fun... because you never know what might happen"

  19. I like the picture at 0.25 seconds.


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