Thursday, June 9, 2011

Captain Wentworth's Boating Party: attendees

Captain Wentworth's Boating Party
a virtual book event
based on Persuasion by Jane Austen
June 8-10, 2011

MEET the fellow attendees of this outing.

HEAR how they are spending their time.

SEE how they are adorned.

JOIN in (if you haven't already).

Lady AimeeKay: I'm definitly there, if only to lay on the shore and read. And I want to make sure there are some of those little tea sandwiches in the basket for the picnic!

Lady Anna: Oh, I'm definitely in the boat with Captain Wentworth! ;)

Lady Audra:

Lady BrittanyGale: Something delicious to eat mmmmm.

Lady Diana: I would take with me first of all an umbrella then some fruits. water, sandwiches and books.

Lady Dovile: I'll take a book for a bit onshore reading.

Lady Freda: I'm there picking flowers with Anne.
And, sure enough. She brought her tankini!

Lady Giada: I am going to take a ride in a boat with Captain Wentworth and listen to some of his naval stories... how could I resist him?!*_*

Lady Juju: Oh how fun!

Lady Karla: In my picnic basket I'd take some chocolate and a poetry book. :P

Lady krysykat: We are going to have so much fun!!

Lady Lieder: A day with Capt. Wentworth? Who could miss it!

Lady Maria Rica: yup..i'm coming..and i'll take a ride in a boat with Captain Wentworth and listen to his naval stories.:)

Lady mbreakfield: I want to take a boat ride with Captain Wentworth!

Lady phastings: Sounds delightful. I'll be there with my parasol in hand. I'll pack cucumber sandwiches, chocolate covered strawberries and a bottle of elderberry wine.

Lady stacybuckeye: I love Captain Wentworth and Anne. Maybe he could give the men in our lives a seminar on how to write the perfect love letter :)

Lady Syrie: Thank you so much for the invitation. I am greatly enjoying today's boat ride and picnic! It is a wonderful respite from my daily regime. I am currently re-reading Persuasion for perhaps the hundredth time, while hard at work writing a new Jane Austen-inspired novel-- so your outing could not have come at a better time. After the party, I invite all of you to call on me at!

Lady Vee: I shall sit with Captain Wentworth a spell and listen to tales of the sea.

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* image source for lady vee seaside fashion

* doings are based on comments from the invite

* fashions and image sources are based on comments on fashion advice

* if you are not listed here, feel free to join in, how would you like to spend your time at the boating party?

Spend a lazy day on a sunny lakeside shore reading or napping.

OR pick some flowers with Anne Elliot.

OR take a ride in a boat with Captain Wentworth and listen to some of his naval stories.


Send me a link to a picture of a regency period clothing or accessory that you are wearing to captain wentworth's boating party

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