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where things have settled a bit, is a mashup of the new world and survivals of the old – with dirigibles! -per LK Rigel

A Postapocapunk Romance
(Apocalypto 3)
by LK Rigel

The King of Garrick wants to kill her.
The King of Allel wants to love her.
And shapeshifters stole her baby's soul!

It's been a hundred years since sea-level rise and global nuclear war wiped out most of humanity. Mallory is a chalice, one of the world's rare fertile females who contract with the kings of the Concord Cities to provide natural-born heirs.

It was supposed to be a pampered and easy life, but Mal becomes caught between King Garrick's scheme for world domination and the goddess Asherah's desperate plays for another god's attention.

In her struggle to survive, Mal must confront the most terrifying threat of all -- the truth of her past and the inevitability of her destiny.

NOTE: Bleeder contains sexual content, including graphic scenes. Not recommended for younger readers.

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