Thursday, June 30, 2011

Darcy and Aliens and France

Mrs Darcy Versus the Alien
by Jonathan Pinnock
Release date: September 2011

A year or two into her marriage, Elizabeth Darcy has much on her mind: she has still not produced an heir for Mr Darcy, there are preparations to be made for the Pemberly summer ball, and her youngest sister Lydia has been abducted by aliens.

As Regency England sleepwalks towards tentacled oblivion, will she be able to reunite with her old foe Wickham and put a stop to their evil plans?

READ a sample from the book.


Eeeeeeeeeeeek! The end of the month is upon us.

And here am I, at a loss in regards to posts I had envisioned to do for my Jane in June and Books&Brioche features this month.

Make sure and check out all the Jane goodness happening at Book Rat's Jane and June event as last giveaways and goodies are going up as I write!

Fortunately, Books&Brioche ends in August so there is still time yet. AND, what sweetness is riding our way... the Tour de France starts tomorrow!

For now, I give you this post which is a mashup of Jane Austen and France and Aliens...

what??? no zombiessssssssss??? -you ask

aliens, babe, it's aliens this time -vvb's reply ;-D



side note from author:
By the way, I've since been told that I got the title completely wrong. It should be Orgueil et Préjugés. Oops. Still, the video did win the coveted third place slot in the March 2010 You Gotta Read Videos awards.

Of course, the success of this one only increased the demand for the next one. This time around, I decided to be a bit more ambitious and merge in a couple of classic sci-fi clips as well. That meant that I had to make the whole thing black and white, but I think that just added to the charm of it. I think the voices are slightly better blended this time, too ...

Extra bit of fun:
Check out the entry for George Elvis deLonghi Wickham in Wickhampedia.


fyi: this story started off as a free online serial and has evolved into a book! Let me know in comments if it is a book you would like to read.

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