Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fairgrounds: art

We are outdoors again after a whirlwind of exhibits.

The sights outside are beautiful to behold as well as the wonders of the exhibits indoors.

As we walk the grounds we come upon these characters...

Fae Eye for the Golem Guy
by Robert Roman

Description from the amazon:
Micah Slate has lived centuries, his lonely existence dedicated to the protection of art. Then he meets Ophilia Morgan, a young artist who has transformed herself into a living work of art.

Micah thinks she'll never give him a second glance, but she has dark secrets of her own. When a greedy socialite uses Micah's museum as the setting for fraud and destruction, he and Ophilia will be thrown together in a night of mayhem.

Per author's site:
Dramatis Personae

Micah Slate – A Golem created to protect the art of Leonardo da Vinci, Micah has outlived his creator, but still pursues his lonely crusade, to protect art wherever he finds it.

Ophilia Morgan – An Unseleigh Sidhe who has turned away from the darkness of her past, she nurtures creativity in mortal artists, restoring and preserving the art of those who no longer can.

Teresa Gelt – A Seleigh Sidhe who embodies all the bad traits of the ‘Court of Light’. She likes nice things, but nice things are expensive.

Xavier – Also known as ‘The X That Marks the Spot’, Xavier is a Pixie. Determined to see Ophilia safe and happy.

Ricardo – A young Pixie intrigued with mortal fashion and culture. Micah’s Fairy Godfather.

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