Tuesday, May 11, 2010

SteamPink Week Tickets

It's a coming...

The Devonian Express is headed your way...

Would you like to catch it
and join SteamPink Week,
June 4-12, 2010?

Comment below with your email and I'll send you a ticket to ride...

If you redeem your ticket during SteamPink Week, you will be eligible to win a steampunk book.


The Devonian Express departs from the

Highlands of Scotland

5:00 am PDT, June 4, 2010

bound for London, England

for the


(a virtual event)


This steam train is also the designated (secret) meeting place for the Society.

Meeting agenda for the Society includes:

--much talk of the upcoming Expo - particularly on (steampunk) books presented at vvb's exhibit

--presentation of Professor McGregor's latest gizmos

--presentation of Jane and Jade's findings from tour in Africa


* want to know more about the Society? then get your ticket!

* curious about steamPink? then get your ticket!

* excited about steampunk? then get your ticket!

* tickets are sent out within two days of request. if you don't get it, please let me know and I'll resend it.

* check out books featured

* image source steam train

updated: 6.4.10
Tickets are no longer available.
However, you can still ride the train. Just hop aboard and join in.
And, you can still win a steampunk book by participating in the other giveaways.

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