Monday, May 24, 2010

Armchair BEA: Dream Panel

Armchair BEA
Book Expo America
May 25-27, 2010
a virtual event
(for those of us who could not make the trip to New York)

My pick for today's topic: Name Your Dream Panel
- BEA is full of discussion panels where between 3 to 5 authors/publishers discuss various topics. If you could put together your own panel who (authors/publishers only) would be on it and what would they be discussing? Need some inspiration?

Being that I'm in the steampunk mode due to my upcoming SteamPink week, June 4-12, my Dream Panel would consist of YA steampunk authors and publishers.

Cassandra Clare of Clockwork
Kate Elliott of Cold Magic
Cherie Priest of Boneshaker
Nick Valentino of Thomas Riley
Scott Westerfeld of Leviathan

Print Publishers:
Tachyon Publications

Steampunk Tales

updated: 6.4.10
Check out a real steampunk panel at BEA
with Scott Westerfeld, sf author/blogger/activist Cory Doctorow, steampunk author Cherie Priest, and New York Public Library Manager Karen Grenke.

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  1. Oh, I'd love a panel of Carolyn Crane, Gini Koch, Kelley Armstrong and Christopher Golden and they would have to be discussing zombies!

  2. Oh Sullivan McPig, I would definitely join that panel!! :-)

    Velvet your steampunk one sounds great too!

    I would like to have an UF panel with Kelley Armstrong, Ilona Andrews, Laura Bickle and Kim Harrison!

  3. LOVE your steampunk panel! Mine would be Kate Milford of The Boneshaker, O.M. Grey of Avalon Revisited, Gail Carriger of Soulles, Dru Pagliassotti of Clockwork Heart and Cassandra Clare of Clockwork Angel. *_*

  4. You know it wasn't till I started getting into book blogging and follow other bloggers that I heard of Steampunk..did not even know it existed. I had heard of some of the books but I didn't know those book were in a genre called Steampunk..LOL

  5. I love the steampunk panel that you have put together... I would love that.

  6. Nice panel! It will definitely be interesting to have a steampunk dialogue with those authors!

  7. I loved Boneshaker! Reading Android Karenina right now for quirkbooks and it's got all sorts of fun steampunk goodness!

  8. That would be such a fun panel. I'm not extremely familiar with Steampunk, but I loved Leviathan. So, I'd be so interested to learn more.

  9. I know a lot about Steampunk style when it comes to decorating, but nothing about fiction. Thanks for the intro, going to check out these books now!

  10. I'm surfing through some of the Armchair BEA posts and came across yours. I'll be honest that I know nothing of Steampunk. If I were to start reading Steampunk, where would you suggest I begin?

  11. Great panel! Kelley Armstrong, Gail Carriger and Scott Westerfeld would be my choices.

  12. Scott Westerfeld would be tops on my list. When it comes to YA books I would also like to see Patrick Ness and James Dashner.

  13. Juliet Marillier, Felicity Pulman, Alison Weir, Alison Goodman and Posie Graeme Evans. (Fantasy and Hist Fict writers) discussing the role of research in the development of storylines.

    As an aside, would love to hear Nathan Bransford speak on the future for mainstream publishing in the digital age.

  14. hey all: thanks sharing your dream panels with me!

    unfinishedperson: You may have already read some steampunk and didn't know it. Early stuff would include works by Jules Verne and HG Wells.

    Basically, Victorian setting with scifi elements. Quite often dirigibles, futuristic gadgets and gizmos are involved.

    My BEA dream panel is a set of steampunk in the Young Adult genre which is a pretty recent phenomenon.

    For a romance twist to steampunk, check out my SteamPink week event, June 4-12, and you could win a steampunk book to read.

    There are also steampunk with a paranormal or fantasy twist.

    So depending on what you're in the mood for, will determine what I can recommend.

  15. I am going to make a confession . . . I have only just recently heard this term Steampunk . . . but it completely fits me!! Maybe I should check out some of these books?!? They look good!

  16. I knew what steampunk was as far as jewelry, clothing, a way of life, etc -- but that there is a genre of books also -- how interesting! I'm sure you'd enjoy that panel if it ever happened in real life!

  17. This is a perfect panel! If I could pick up one book from BEA it would, without a doubt, be Clockwork Angel. I can't wait to read it! I love the idea of a mostly Steampunk panel, especially since there are so many who haven't heard much about it. Great job!

  18. I'm still not that familiar with enough authors of steampunk to suggest a panel, but like you said - H.G.Wells and Jules Verne are great choices, and maybe Edgar Allan Poe.

    PLUS if there are zombies mixed in ... woo hoo!!!

    Speaking of steampunk decor ... if I EVER win the lottery I am buying a crumbling old victorian house - American Gothic style - plunked in the middle of BFE, and simply loaded with all kinds of steampunk items. (my kids would commit me, hahaha)


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