Friday, May 28, 2010

Armchair BEA: Book Blogger Convention

New this year to BEA is the BBC - Book Blogger Convention.

The Armchair BEA is holding a virtual Convention Round Table.

To post
or not to post

is the topic table I would visit. I would love to hear the pros and cons of daily posting and of other frequencies.

I wonder if my followers like daily postings in general?


Armchair BEA
Book Expo America
May 25-27, 2010
a virtual event
(for those of us who could not make the trip to New York)


* image source Shakespeare blogger

-o- vvb's Armchair BEA schedule -o-


  1. I like daily postings, but if a blogger can't post every day I can understand. I'm willing to wait on a new post if it's fun/cool/interesting/etc enough.

  2. I only expect one post per week. Daily is nice, but not necessary.

  3. Haha, I had a post with the same title "To post or not to post" but it was whether bloggers should post negative reviews or not :-)

    Of course it's great if my favourite bloggers post daily (although maybe not book reviews every single day, that would be a bit too concentrated to read every day, they should be mixed with some fun posts too), but I can totally understand if due to real life and other commitments they can't (I'm not a daily poster either). However one post a week is a must or else the blog feels forsaken.

  4. Daily postings are okay but I prefer a few times a week only because I can't keep up with reading everyone's blogs now as it is and I keep finding more I wish I could subscribe to.

    There are a few great blogs I found that posted 10 times a day! I unsubscribed to them quick and I don't know how they do it or why. I think they lose a LOT of possible subscribers that way.

  5. I think posting a few times a week is fine. It's great when a blogger can post daily, but I don't think posting daily is necessary for keeping a good blog.

  6. I don't mind regular posting as long as they have something new to say. I much prefer 2 or 3 quality posts a week as I like to read a lot of different bloggers.
    I was reading a blog and they were asking why people didn't comment and I thought I would take the next few days and really pay attention to the posts that I felt I must make a comment on opposed to those I maybe would comment on just to be polite. Any posts that mentioned a new book that I had previously not hear mentioned even if it wasn't one that I was interested in, I left a comment. If it was the 30th time I saw the "new" cover I didn't.
    I know everyone can't be the first, but gee if it has already been posted more than a dozen times, you might not need to repost it.

  7. Difficult question... But I follow many blogs and I can't read them all if they post daily: the more posts, the more get marked 'read' without actually reading them. Sorry ;) It's a time thing -- it's a constant fight to get a few posts online myself each week as well!


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