Saturday, May 1, 2010

Masked Ball: Lady Luck

Tina stood at the doorway of the card room. Just barely in the room, so that if needed she could make a quick escape. For she did promise Mother that she would not sit at a card table tonight.

It is early yet and the dancing has not started. Nothing doing with just looking. After all, there were several guests in here she could mingle with...

from the right table... Gad! Thomas that was grand!

from the left table... The next one is mine!

from the back table... Everyone reveal your cards.

Tina was feeling the excitement in the air that comes from being in a gaming room. The hopes, the strategies, the adrenaline, &etc. was enough to make her swoon. She was in her element.

The dance bell rings.

She stepped back.

Oomph, that would be my toe, love.

'Scusi - Tina turned to meet a man masked as a cat. She immediately recognized the baldpate and Irish lilt from the day before.

Aye, the gaming is lively tonight. Will you be playing a hand or two, miss?

Ahhh, no. I must stay my hand this eve. I have promised to dance, be merry and meet eligible young men tonight as instructed by Mother. Tina responded in a playful tone.

Och, me as well. Johnny replied with a twinkle in his eye.

The dance bell rings again.

And the dancing begins. We should take a tour to the ballroom. I am, John o'Mallet, Johnny. May I accompany you. Johnny offers a gentlemanly arm.

Victorian mystery historical:

The Fortunes of Grace Hammer:
A Novel of the Victorian Underworld
by Sara Stockbridge
Paperback release date: October 18, 2010


Masked Ball
hosted by the Charmed Circle
Saturday, May 1, 2010
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