Saturday, May 1, 2010

Wonderland Elixirs

Step right up!

Step right up, folks!

Wonderland Elixirs


Wonderous results!

a bit of ALICE to regain your youth and innocence

how about QUEENS for pish and posh

we also have CATERPILLAR for wisdom

and who can resist MAD HATTER for crazy fun times*

Come now, what can I do you for?


*** Alice Book Giveaway ***

If you haven't already, signup for the giveaway of Alice in Wonderland and Philosophy edited by William Irwin and Richard Brian Davis.
Hurry, offer ends tomorrow!


* warning label: in some cases the MAD HATTER elixir has been known to turn people's hair color exxxxtremely red with frizzies

* image source for bottles silhouette

* part of Simply MAD About Alice (see schedule)

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Images from: Lovelytocu