Friday, May 7, 2010

Emma and the Werewolves by Jane Austen and Adam Rann

Emma and the Werewolves
Jane Austen's Classic Novel
with Blood-curdling Lycanthropy
by Jane Austen and Adam Rann

Published: 2009
Genre: Werewolves
Paperback: 346 pages
Rating: 3

Description from the amazon:
Beware the howls in the darkness and the light of the full moon. As the ever headstrong Ms. Emma Woodhouse schemes and plots as matchmaker, a dark and deadly terror descends upon Highbury.

A series of bestial murders fills the residents with fear as the ever mysterious Mr. Knightley leads a secret life, unknown to all, combating evils not of this Earth. Carnage and destruction reign throughout the land, and though the residents of Highbury try to attend to day-to-day matters as civilly as possible, each cannot help but wonder what lurks in the shadows and if it'll be coming for them next.

My two-bits:
In-a-word(s): where's the beef?

Austen purists may like this one alright, as most of Emma is intact. The imagery of Mr Knightley as superhero fit and was believable. However, the werewolves and werewolf action were not as prominent as I had hoped.

So, it was like an Emma re-read with brief moments of paranormal activity.

Boo hoo, not enough monster mash for me.


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