Thursday, May 20, 2010

SteamPink Luggage

I've opened one of my trunks to show you some of the steampunk goodies you will be treated to during SteamPink week...

SteamPink week
June 4-12, 2010
a virtual event

SteamPink (my definition) = female heroine stories with romance, adventure or mystery in a steampunk world

Get your tickets here or just hop on the train as it passes by that week.


Books featured:

Book giveaway courtesy of author, Liz Maverick:

Book giveaway courtesy of author, O.M. Grey:

Book giveaway courtesy of author, Ekaterina Sedia:

Book giveaway courtesy of author, K.H. Koehler:

Book giveaway courtesy of author, Sarah Hoyt:

Book giveaway courtesy of author, Gail Carriger:

Book giveaway courtesy of author, Jon Munger:

others to be revealed later...

Packing tips:

- tickets (don't have one, get yours here)
- best dress
- hat
- gloves
- boots
- googles
- weapon of choice
- steampunk challenge giveaway post ideas
yes, the gauntlet will be thrown down on day one


What are some must-have item(s) packed in your luggage?


* more books added here

* image source for steampink trunk

* image source for steampink badge Vecona dress


  1. I love the Steampink week button! Loads of great prizes to be won!!

  2. Yay!! We are getting closer and closer to board the train! Can't wait! Packing is one of my favourite things to do before travelling, I love the planning!

    I will definitely bring a parasol, silk gloves (chic and practical when you don't want to leave fingerprints), stockings, telescope and my pocketwatch, wouldn't want to miss the departure!

  3. I agree with fredamans - the SteamPink week graphic is gorgeous! Can't wait for it to start...

  4. Again another great week full of suprises! In my bag there would be at least one book, so I can read it on the train! :)

  5. Beautiful!!! I must confess that I, too, eagerly anticipate the departure of SteamPink train and shall be boarding per schedule.

    I do hope the weather will be pleasant for travel - but should it turn inclement, I am rather excited at the marvelous array of reading material Miss V has stored in her trunk for our amusement. Always considerant is our Miss V!

    As an aside, I am pleased to report that my trusty reticule is nearly packed. In addition to the standard array of accoutrements, I have inclosed Grandmama Lucille's chronoScope and a hefty packet of hypno-fly for Leggs (the little stinker!).

    Do give the other Society members my best regards. Until departure,
    Mary Ann

  6. Goggles! >_< I can't wait for the SteamPink week to come! *___* Steampunk rocks! >_<

  7. Wow! There's lots of Steampunk books I've never heard of before! Cool.
    I myself would definately need to pack a walking cane with a hidden dagger or rapier.

  8. Avalon Revisited looks good! My trunk is full of books I have to read. I'm, also, packing my handy parasol and my dirigible license.

  9. Ah, pretty button~ SteamPink week looks like it'll be tons of fun, so many great looking steampunk books. :D


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