Saturday, May 1, 2010

Masked Ball: Joker

Before we continue with the tale, I should mention Miss Faustina's attire for the evening. She is in red silk and organza. She wears a white wig with lots of curls and sports a black hat on top with red plumage. Her mask is black with tiny jester-like bells spilling out from the middle of the mask. A delicate jingle sounds when she walks. Her theme - the Joker.


Tina enters the ballroom on the arm of a Mr John o'Mallet whom she is now acquainted with in friendly terms. They were engrossed in conversation about the art of cards and trickery when a young man in red and gold finery approaches with purpose.

Miss Faustina? I believe I have the first dance. Jonathan Lammerts van Hartz at your service. Jon announces with a deep stately bow and then takes her hand in his.

Tina is overwhelmed with the lavish attention and stands in awe.

Oye, before ye depart, I should like to place my name upon your dance card, love. Johnny winks with his hand outstretched for Tina's card.

Tina is then whisked to the dance floor.

It is the Gelderlander. Thank goodness it was a dance she knew. Her feet would not fail in front of such a distinguished crowd.

So here we have the infamous Jonathan Lammerts van Hartz that Emmalina spoke so highly. He has certainly met the expectations of appearance and manner. Let us see what the dance further reveals of this knave of hearts.


From across the room Tina's eye briefly catches Mr o'Mallet in conversation with another man in pirate garb. Oh, it is her exotic merman. She would know that hair. She must find out who he is.


French adventure historical graphic novel:

The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec:
Pterror Over Paris / The Eiffel Tower Demon (Vol. 1)
by Jacques Tardi
Release date: September 22, 2010


Masked Ball
hosted by the Charmed Circle
Saturday, May 1, 2010
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