Friday, May 21, 2010

Mansfield Park in June

Mansfield Park
Murder Mystery

June 24-27, 2010
a virtual event


You are invited

to dine with the Bertrams

the evening entertainment includes

a dress rehearsal of Lovers' Vows

guests include:

Miss Jane Marple

Mr Hercule Poirot

Mr Sherlock Holmes

Dr John Hemish Watson

and YOU


* event takes place before the return of Sir Thomas Bertram

* come in character or come as yourself

* part of Jane in June hosted by the Book Rat

* Read Lovers' Vow by Elizabeth Inchbald here for free

* Read Mansfield Park by Jane Austen here for free

* Hear Mansfield Park here for free

* What say you? You want a printed copy of your very own? Well then, come to the event and try to win one. Lady Bertram is willing to part with her copy. For now, it waits for you in the Bertram library.

* Mansfield Park Murder Mystery badge created by The Book on the Hill
Thanks Charlotte!

~ Mansfield Park schedule ~


  1. If miss Marple is coming I might drop by as well.

  2. I'm rearranging my JnJ schedule for this...I have a great little bit to review for it. Or, at least I'm hoping it's great.

  3. I think I hear Miss Marple walking towards the mailbox...
    ...sort of *Ü* (at the moment she has a terrible loud case of the hick ups so everyThing she does goes slowly and loudly...) hick, ... hick...OOPS.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~ later ~~~~~~ *Ü* ~~~~~>

  4. Yay! It sounds exciting!! Love the banner! :-D Will definitely attend!

  5. You my dear are totally brilliant.

  6. I cannot wait, it sounds like fun.

  7. Wow, Velvet - - Miss Marple, Hercule Poirot and Sherlock Holmes . . . I'm there!

  8. I love your Austen events, Velvet! I'm definitely attending this one!

  9. What a great list of guests!


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