Wednesday, May 26, 2010

SteamPink: Lovelace Device

Lovelace Device
If you're reading this, then you have one ;-D


Incoming transmission...

TO: Attendees of SteamPink Week

FROM: Professor Eva McGregor

SUBJECT: World's Fair - vvb's book exhibit table

vvb has just released more titles of the books to be featured during SteamPink week...

SteamPink week
June 4-12, 2010
a virtual event

SteamPink (my definition) = female heroine stories with romance, adventure or mystery in a steampunk world

Get your tickets here or just hop on the train as it passes by that week.

If you redeem your ticket during SteamPink Week, you will be eligible to win a steampunk book.

Courtesy book giveaways from authors:

Cold Magic
by Kate Elliott

New Blood
by Gail Dayton
ARC copy

Tangled in Time
by Pauline B. Jones

Courtesy book giveaway from publisher - Quirk:

Android Karenina
by Leo Tolstoy
and Ben H. Winters

others still yet to be revealed...


* check out the first list of steampunk books featured here

* image source of Lovelace
fyi: Ada Lovelace day - March 24
She's famous for being the only legitimate child of Lord Byron, for being the first computer programmer, and for being the Queen of Steampunk.
-per Mystery Robin of Murder on a Moonlit Sea

* image source pda

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