Saturday, May 1, 2010

Giveaway: Historical Fiction

Maybe you knew this was coming...

I've posted a bunch of upcoming historicals within my Masked Ball posts which I have on my want list. Did any of them strike your fancy as well?

Here's your chance to win one.

*** Historical Book Giveaway ***

Open to all.

Offer ends May 30, 2010.


Browse through the posts below and pick out the one book you are interested in.


Tell me who should win Faustina's heart:

Juan de Spades
Johnny o'Mallet
Jacque D'amond
Jon Lammerts van Hartz

Your email should be included with your answers in comments.

Posts with historical books:

Waiting on Wednesday: Masked Ball

Lady Vee and Faustina's shopping expedition

Juan de Spades

Tina's Window

Johnny o'Mallet

Jacques D'amond

PeekAbook: The Stumpwork Robe

Jonathan Lammerts van Hartz

Masked Ball dress

Emmalina - the matchmaker

Street Scene

Moon and Stars

Lady Luck



To America


Contest has ended - winner is here


Poll Results:

When asked who should win Faustina's heart:

42% Jacques D'amond
33% Johnny o'Mallet
17% Juan de Spades
8% Jon Lammerts van Hartz


* please note: the winner will receive the book upon the book's publication release date

* image source woman with hat

* part of Masked Ball - read my side stories

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