Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tour Takes: Madame Tussaud

Inspired by my participation in giving my takes for the past Random Magic Blog tours here and here and here, I am creating a feature, Tour Takes. It is a post where I check out and comment on current blog tour posts. Then, you can decide who you'd like to visit. As any of the posts include giveaways, I will note them.

My first Tour Take spotlights...

Madame Tussaud
by Michelle Moran


Tour schedule: Excerpt of Chapter 1, Paris, December 12, 1788
- giveaway offer ends: Feb 20
Loved this line: These are women of powdered poufs and ermine cloaks, whereas I am a woman of ribbons and wool.

Angel-on-a-move: The Woman
- giveaway offer ends: Feb 22
Eeeek: Ultimately, she was given a choice by France’s new leaders: to preserve the famous victims of Madame Guillotine in wax, or be guillotined herself.

The Bookaholics: The Woman
- giveaway offer ends: Feb 22
This post has pictures of the wax version of Tussaud.

Bookworm's Dinner: The Woman
- giveaway offer ends: Feb 21
I wonder about: "ingenious publicity stunts" that Marie and her uncle pulled to attract clients to their wax museum, Salon de Cire

The Clock Monkey: The Woman
- giveaway offer ends: Feb 22
Interesting snippet: the king’s sister herself wanted Marie to come to Versailles to be her wax tutor

The Eclectic Reader: The Woman
- giveaway offer ended: Feb 7
Another snippet: Robespierre, Marat, and Desmoulins were meeting at Marie’s house to discuss the future of the monarchy

Fresh Fiction: The Woman
- giveaway offer ended: Feb 7
Another snippet: Marie is taken to meet both Marie Antoinette and King Louis XVI, who introduce her to the glamorous life at court

Lauren's Crammed Bookshelf: The Woman
- giveaway offer ended: Jan 29
Marie's dear friend: Henri Charles

Peeking Between The Pages:
- giveaway offer ended: Feb 22
Coolio: includes pictures of 3 Marie wax works

Violet Crush
- giveaway offer ended: Feb 22
Last snippet: talent for wax modeling saved her life and preserved the faces of a vanished kingdom

Walking On Sunshine
- giveaway offer ended: Feb 22
Questions to ponder:
1) What celebrity would you like to see sculpted out of wax and why?
for me: Neil Gaiman - had to pick an author ;-D

2) What non-celebrity person that you know (mom, dad, bff, teacher, etc.)
for me: the hubby - for all the obvious reasons

How about you?


  1. If I had to see a new celebrity in wax, it would totally be Stephen King. He's creepy and famous!!!

    Non-celebrity, I'd say my Mom, since she already has a bust of her head.

  2. What a fabulous feature -- I just got this book and can't wait to dive in!


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