Thursday, February 24, 2011

Book Soundtrack: The Karma Club

Excerpt from Jessica's blog post:
The Story of the Karma Club Book Soundtrack
by Jessica Brody

Have you ever been reading a book, stopped at a specific part and said, "I know the perfect song to go with this scene!"

Well, as authors, this happens to us very often. Except when we're actually writing the book. When writing The Karma Club, however, I wanted to take it a step further. I wanted to create an entire book soundtrack with songs that you could listen to while you read and that contributed perfectly to scene you were reading. I thought, if movies can have soundtracks, why not books?

So I teamed up with my very good friend and brilliant producer, Holly Karrol Clark, and we set off to produce one of the first Original Book Soundtracks, featuring songs that directly enhance your experience when reading the story. And we even produced FOUR original songs directly inspired by the book!

Here are some fun stories of how each song came to be included in the Karma Club Book Soundtrack and how/when it fits into the story of The Karma Club.

Read the complete post with stories behind the songs.

Complete track list.

Give a listen to The Karma Club Theme Song...

Remember When
performed by Nikki Boyer

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