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Mermaid's Mirror by L.K. Madigan

Mermaid's Mirror
by L.K. Madigan

Published: 2010
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Books for Children
Genre: Coming of Age, Fantasy, YA
Paperback: 320 pages
Rating: 4

Description from the amazon:
Lena has lived her whole life near the beach – walking for miles up and down the shore and breathing the salty air, swimming in the cold water, and watching the surfers rule the waves – the problem is, she’s spent her whole life just watching.

As her sixteenth birthday approaches, Lena vows she will no longer watch from the sand: she will learn to surf.

But her father – a former surfer himself – refuses to allow her to take lessons. After a near drowning in his past, he can’t bear to let Lena take up the risky sport.

Yet something lures Lena to the water … an ancient, powerful magic. One morning Lena catches sight of this magic: a beautiful woman – with a silvery tail.

Nothing will keep Lena from seeking the mermaid, not even the dangerous waves at Magic Crescent Cove.

And soon … what she sees in the mermaid’s mirror will change her life …

Amusing quote:
"Her name's Selena, and she dances on the saaaand," sang Kai, mangling the words to some old '80s song.
- location 77

Zombie sighting:
"Right," said Kai. "I'm crazy. Meanwhile, you're not the one zombie-ing around at midnight." He stood up and staggered around, arms outstretched, groaning, "Brainz! Then he pretended to be a zombie doing the hand jive.
- location 484

My two-bits:
In-a-word(s): Magic's
I liked how this one dealt with identity and family.

And loved the peeks into the surfing and mer worlds.

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