Saturday, February 19, 2011

Queued up: The Princess's Dragon

The Princess's Dragon
by Susan Trombley

Excerpt teaser: Chapter 1
The empty sockets of countless skulls stared down at the lone figure in the center of the tower room. The sullen afternoon sunlight filtered through the stubborn miasma of dust that drifted through the chamber crammed with dried herbs, unguents, and mysterious crumbling scrolls. Much like a wizard's workshop, the poorly lit room harbored a menagerie of the strange and bizarre, though most of the creatures there were already dead.

But this was no wizard's room; quite to the contrary, this laboratory belonged to a princess, one bound and determined to disprove the very existence of such nonsensical ideas as magic and myth. A princess as unconventional as the chamber where she idled away most of her afternoons studying the artifacts of nature and devising logical explanations for everything even remotely mysterious.

“Steady, steady…” The young woman didn’t realize she was whispering to herself under her breath. She carefully fitted the rare and expensive clear glass disk into the twisted frame of a close-viewing apparatus.

READ up to 3 chapters.

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