Monday, February 21, 2011

Zombie Cute: Zombie Zoo

There's a whole zoo of zombie cute here...

PeekInside: "Where Does Boo Go?"
Trailer for exclusive ZOMBIEZOO® DVD Story
by creator Neecy Twinem

Description from Zombie Zoo site:
Usually the other zombies in the zoo know where Boo is or where he is going. Most of the time they can find him resting peacefully in his tree. But sometimes he just disappears. Then nobody knows where he is, or if he's coming back for snacks.

Muck, Rob, Stich and Toxic decide to find out Where Does Boo Go? But their well-meaning curiosity brings about new discoveries in the world of ZOMBIEZOO®!

You can go to to order a copy of the full DVD with plush toy.

Too cute!

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