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Zombie-Killer Bill by E.M. MacCallum

Zombie-Killer Bill
by E.M. MacCallum

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Published: 2011
Publisher: Sonar4 Publications
Genre: Novella, Zombies
Paperback: 136 pages
Rating: 5

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Zombie-Killer Bill is a gunslinger hired to kill the Illegal zombies of the wild west. The Illegals - raging, flesh-eating monsters - spread the infection more than their zombie counterparts - the docile Slave or coherent Legals.

Bill's new job however, is bigger than just a routine zombie slaying. Dozens of Legal and Slave zombies have been brutally murdered on the Hansen Zombie Farm, leaving only the suspicion that a single crazed man was behind it all.

To solve the murders Bill teams up with a unlikely partner and hits the dusty trail. Together they risk life and limb to catch the mad-scientist before he changes the west as they know it.

Amusing quote:
With violent precision gifted only to those who been in more scuffles than a Catholic prient had prayers, he decked the man in the nose.
- page 46, chapter 5

My two-bits:
In-a-word(s): silver flask
This exciting blend of classic wild west, apocalypse and zombies makes you hoot-n-holler with jubilee!

The three different strata of zombies provides an interesting mix that makes you cheer for some and run from others.

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