Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Word and Question: sunshine

Today's C A R N I V A L E events take us outside to the gaming booths.

Fancy a ring toss?

How about spinning the colorful lighted up wheel for a prize?

A-ha, this booth has a word game...


sunshine is shadowed
she speaks of days from the past
whispers in the clouds


Care to play a round?

Participants: (using my word)

Sunshine reflecting
Off your smile, blinding me to
truth, your soulless eyes

-AimeeKay of Reviews From My First Reads Shelf

Word & Question #16
Word: sunshine
Question: Why do I even listen to you?
This round's host: Shredded Cheddar

Playing Poetry game created by Shredded Cheddar. As I love Haiku, most of my entries will be such. Join in first Wednesday of the month! details here

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* this entry is October Trix-n-Treatz event themed.

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