Friday, October 14, 2011

Giveaway: Salem Witch Trial by Kathryn Wesley

Salem Witch Trial
by Kathryn Wesley

A barn burns. A baby dies. And the good people of Salem, Massachusetts, begin to fear that Satan's hand lies upon their village....

Massachusetts, 1691: a patchwork quilt of lonely settlements, surrounded by primeval forest and marauding Indians. It is a fearful, tense place inhabited by religious purists who see the devil and his minions lurking in every shadow. It is also a tinderbox of envy and greed, repressed lust and jealousy, awaiting only the smallest spark to ignite into a monstrous blaze of madness. For Samuel Parris, Salem Village's new minister, that spark comes in the form of a young girl who, in hysterics, speaks the one word destined to tear this community apart: witch. Soon chaos erupts and the governor himself convenes a special court to ferret out the guilty. But before the Salem Witch Trials end, more than one innocent will swing from the hangman's rope....

Here is a fresh look at one of the most infamous chapters in American history. This adaptation of the brand-new CBS miniseries from Alliance Atlantis features an all-star cast and also contains rare historical material and an overview of the Puritan movement in colonial America.

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* image source of steampunk witch is from Noel Bagwell's site, learn about his alternate-earth steampunk adventure novel-in-the-works, Ætherworks

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