Monday, October 31, 2011

Responses from Mr Poe


Questions - no more.

Mr. Poe has agreed to address some of your comments from his giveaway post here.

B E H O L D he speaks...

M.A.D. said...
Salutations to Mr. Poe! Don't enter me as I've got an old 40s copy of his works, but still I'd love to pose a question for the illustrious author:

Is it true that the fall of the house of Usher was directly related to poor construction and shoddy drywall? AND ... at what point in your *relationship* with Miss Lenore did she go to the constables regarding the unfortunate mishap with that beating heart chap?

MR POE: My dear what a series of tactless questions, sigh it is at times like these that I can only be grateful that I am so long demised, but still I promised Velvet that I would attempt a civil discourse if she would feature me upon her blog so needs must. The actual reasons behind the fall of the house of Usher involved an unfortunate occurrence in the basement meth lab and rather than face criminal charges I chose to frame it in a rather different manner. As to Miss Lenore...


Yiota said...
What do you think about the movie coming out called "Raven" and John Cusack as you?"

MR POE: Young woman I am certainly not going to be represented by an actor who has once appeared in a John Hughes film furthermore many have commented (well I have commented) on the rather striking resemblance between myself and Mr. John Depp esq.


titania86 said...
Were you influenced by the German gothic novellas and dramas by Freidrich Schiller and Heinrich von Kleist? If so, which is your favorite?

MR POE: Dear Titania, I have never read these works of which you speak preferring as I do to reread myself. Furthermore, all my influences stem from my own life and a series of rather questionable real estate decisions.


AimeeKay said...
Did you ever think that your work would be as influential as it is? Does the fact that it is make you happy?

MR POE: Aimee, happiness tends to elude me fortunately there is laudanum for this but I must say I derive a certain sartorial satisfaction in having so soundly trounced those who said I was but a flash in the pan. I suppose I sound quite small when I tell you that in the small dark corners of my psyche the thought of my critics and my dear mother in law rolling over endlessly in their graves brings a certain pleasure.


M.A.D. said...
... < suspicious of folks who go around claiming they hear ravens speaking :O

... just sayin'.

MR POE: There are those who say that, to hear voices in an empty room presages the onset of hopeless insanity child but as many of today’s novelists and political candidates will tell you it may also serve as an early sign of genius this is certainly true in my case!


mbreakfield said...
Mr. Poe, I love your work, especially The Raven.

MR POE: My dear Marlene, it is my pleasure I have little use for money in my present state and so giveaways are my pleasure, though I AM attempting to hawk my shroud on eBay should you be interested in a more tangible reminder of yours truly Edgar Allan.


tore923 said...
I would love to read your books.

MR POE: Might I recommend the Pit and the Pendulum as a starting place I wrote it on my wedding night :)


Ruby M said...
Mr. Poe I absolutely love your work, especially The Raven, and I can't wait to read more!

MR POE: Thank you my dear a life without great literature is like being buried alive…which isn’t quite as grim as it sounds, join me?


marybelle said...
Dear Mr Poe, does it trouble your heart that school children everywhere cringe at your very name?

MR POE: Miss Marybelle that seems a tad excessive cringing at my very name, good lord miss I’m not nearly as fearsome a creature as young miss palin for example and in the minds of the RIGHT sort of children I believe my name glows with a certain red patina, young master King in his youth for example collected and devoured my work most assiduously.


Sharli said...
If you had the chance, would you write a poem about your own death?

MR POE: Oh I thank you for asking, a little known fact about me is the deep interest I held in a form of poetry known as the limerick please allow an old dead man to share. There once was a writer named Edgar and then he got deader and deader and now he does lie all covered in flies in a grave where the weather don’t spare him.


Jel ♡ said...
i really want to read his works. i wonder how he got or who his inspirations are for he was able to come up with such great art.

MR POE: I was often inspired in my dark journeys by the memory of my childhood which was later illustrated in the writings of a V.C. Andrews.


buddyt said...
My question for Mr Poe would be how he likes all the modern horror/ghost stories especially those aimed at YA readers.

MR POE: Are you referring young man to the Twilight books perhaps because if so I must shake my head in derision however I must say that the collected works of Miss Anne Rice prior to her religious conversion have raised some interesting possibilities regarding post rigor mortis sexual activities and do create a certain hopefulness in my decaying heart.

Presume you plan to contact him and pass on the questions via a séance?

MR POE: Allow me to answer this, I refuse to attend any séance in which I am expected to appear alongside Harry Houdini, but might consider a shared venue with Miss Monroe.


Lieder Madchen said...
My dear Mr. Poe, I have often wondered at your singular ability to invent original ways to kill your creations. Where is it that you get your inspiration?

MR POE: Well I’m a big fan of the works of Wes Craven but in my own lifetime I derived most of my ideas or fantasies if you will during my mother in laws annual holiday visits.


fredamans said...
I'd like to know.... if you died in the 1849, how are you answering questions in 2011? Is there a Oujia involved?

MR POE: No no my dear, like all the famous dead I will never truly pass into darkness as long as there are those like you who remember my name :)


Laura's Reviews said...
Do not enter me as I already own the complete works of Poe, but I just had to stop by and say how much I love the author and this poem in particular!

MR POE: Ah I thank you most sincerely Miss Laura and now plan to pen a new work in your honor which I will release next All Hallows Eve.


Pabkins said...
Why a raven....

MR POE: I had originally planned to use a monitor lizard in the poem but found it lacked the proper air of menace.


Krysykat said...
I was just like to say Mr. Poe that you are one of my favorite authors, my favorite poem is "Fairy-land".

MR POE: Thank you kindly my dear but perhaps you have not yet read my there once was a girl from Nantucket series of masterpieces so have little with which to compare?


Carlos Antunes said...
Who have you been haunting since 1850?

MR POE: It varies, in the early years it was a toothsome young lass named Lily Langtry later on I met Miss Monroe, but ever since an unfortunate channeling incident I’ve been stuck with Kurt Cobain’s widow.


Antonia said...
I love your EDGAR ALLAN POEms!

MR POE: And I my dear love the name Antonia, so very gothic, are you presently seeing anyone? :)


Rebecca said...
Mr Poe, I very much enjoyed The Raven and the Tell-Tale Heart.

MR POE: Mmmm yes yes Rebecca the Tell Tale Heart in particular is a story I hold close to my decaying breast and thank you for mentioning.


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