Monday, October 10, 2011

Zombie Pageant

aaaaaaaaaaaaaand, in this C A R N I V A L E tent we have an announcement...

Public Voting is now LIVE for Zombie Pageant 2011 !
hosted by ToysRevil
vote here
-open until Oct 27, 2011

i'm voting for Bacon by Rinni's Playgound...

Take a look at all of the contestants, VOTE and come back and tell me your faves.


  1. They were all GREAT!! It would be very hard to pick just one, lol - yet I did really like #5 RoboZomb :D

    Totally awesome contest!

  2. Omg! Love it! I voted for Rinni's Playground too, but I voted for the bunnies!!! I LOVE them. I really like #15 and #16 too!! And the zombie duckie! I WANT ONE!!!

    You find the coolest stuff.

  3. Bacon is the coolest zombie of course!

  4. YOu are so freaking awesome V! Thanks for spreading the word about Rinni's Pig Bacon! She's sorely behind though with only 13 votes so far! Someone else has like 50!!

    Pabkins @ Mission to Read

  5. I voted for Zombie Pageant Contestant #9 - the evil bunnee

  6. I loved Castor!
    So cute!


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