Wednesday, October 26, 2011

All Hallow's Read challenge

Our Alice floats now.

she tilts to the left

she tilts to the right

A video screen unfolds before her to reveal this...

All Hallow’s Read is a Hallowe’en tradition. It’s simply that in the week of Hallowe’en, or on the night itself, you give someone a scary book.
- so says Neil Gaiman

LISTEN more about this and check out Neil's zombies...

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Prize: winner picks one of these kindle ebooks

by Scott Nicholson
-horror, paranormal

A collection of six supernatural stories by bestselling Kindle author Scott Nicholson, including "Homecoming," "The Three-Dollar Corpse" and "She Climbs a Winding Stair."

These stories visit haunted islands, disturbed families, and forgotten pasts as Nicholson serves up chills, thrills, ghosts stories, and paranormal fantasy.

The Toothache Man
by Sal Conte
-gruesome horror

There is no pain like toothache pain.

Jim Roberts is a victim of today's economy. While he's lucky enough to have a job, his job has been keeping him temp for two years to avoid paying medical benefits.

When Jim gets a terrible toothache, a friend tells him about the Toothache Man, an unlicensed dentist where people like Jim can have their dental problems solved for a song.

Unfortunately, the Toothache Man turns out to be a lot more than Jim bargained for—with an old fashioned dentist’s chair, and a penchant for pain. Jim is about to discover a toothache is the least of his problems.

Offer ends: October 30, 2011

TO DO: (2-parts)

1. In less than 50 words, tell the creepiest, scariest, most chilling story you can possibly imagine. Blood-n-Guts or Campy-n-Fun.

2. Tell me which ebook you would like.

AND leave your email (if I already don't have it).

Participant entries:

Jason's tale:
When I got the text, my flesh turned to chicken skin. "We need 2 tlk about the smell frum the attik." While, there was no easy way for her to climb up and see for herself, I knew what it meant. She would have to be handled. Immediately.

who's next?


* first spotted Neil at MJ Hearle's site

* first spotted challenge at the Daily Lit's 50 Word Frights here

Slowly wondering down the long corridor, when suddenly the light I was holding went out, leaving me in pitch blackness. Heavy breathing filled the passageway . Heartbeats echoed. I stumbled along when something cold and clammy grabbed my arm, pulling me. Hot morally offensive breath tickled my neck. Death encircled me. -WandaMaynard

* image source Alice by saramichaels

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