Friday, October 14, 2011

Giveaway: Birch Hills at World's End by Geoff Hyatt

The C A R N I V A L E crowd is thinning out as people leave during the wee hours.

Some hooligans, mischievous types, shady characters and lost souls lurk about...

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Birch Hills at World's End
by Geoff Hyatt

Birch Hills at World’s End begins between Detroit and nowhere, in 1999, when high school senior Josh Reilly senses an apocalypse approaching. Josh's unease increases as his privileged but disturbed friend Erik schemes in a journal he calls "The Doomsday Book," where he plots revenge against the suburbia he's learned to despise.

When Lindsay, a sixteen-year-old famed for dramatic self-mutilation and questionable poetry, becomes Josh's girlfriend, Erik finds companionship in a circle of bikers and small-time meth traffickers. Josh, suspecting his friend Erik has become a competitor for Lindsay's affections, peeks into the Doomsday Book and is shocked by what he learns.

A web of domestic strife, romantic rivalry, and millennial anxiety challenges two boys to stand together as their youth comes apart.

Columbine... Y2K... can friendships survive the end of the world?

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Giveaway: Birch Hills at World's End by Geoff Hyatt

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