Thursday, March 10, 2011

Zombie Survival coming

Zombie Survival
a virtual book event
March 23-25, 2011

What to do?

What to do if you are in a zombocalyptic world?

Books featured:

Allison Hewitt is Trapped by Madeleine Roux

Night of the Necromancer by Jelani Sims and Kyle West

Survive by Todd Sprague

more revealed during the event


* comment with an idea of what you would do to survive in a zombocalyptic world and you will automatically be entered for a surprise zombie prize ;-D
- include your email
- offer ends March 25, 2011


Contest has ended - winner is here


* image source for event badge from book cover of Night of the Necromancer by Jelani Sims and Kyle West

=== zombie survival schedule ===


  1. I would stay in my house as much as possible until most of them died off.

  2. I would live on my secret island in the pacific (stocked with everything I need) and hope zombies can't swim.

  3. forgot my email-

  4. I would make sure I was stocked with a shotgun and massive amounts of bullets for head shots.


  5. I'd grab my basebal bat, chainsaw and molotovs and kill me some zombies.


  6. i'd get food, my german shepherd, and my boyfriend, and set up shop in the closest gun/ammo store.

    then i'd smoke me some zombie bacon.

  7. i'm your newest follower btw! follow me?!

  8. I would go with my friends to a secluded farm in Northern California and fortify it. I have crazy friends who actually plan for this and keep zombie survival gear in their cars. lol!

  9. Yay for Zombeeeeeeeez !! Ahem. Okay then. To answer your question, first off I'd have to MOVE asap - a mobile home is certainly not Z proof, it would seem. Head for the library then hole up in their basement with water, food and weapons. Plus all those books hehe

    Seriously, I'd be so screwed. Probably just go ahead and baste myself with A-1 and get it over with :P

    @Titania - for real?! That is great lol!! I'd be so curious as to what your friends have in their bug out bag, etc - funny, but who knows? ;D

  10. I will have to second the more zombies!!! I have to admit that I'd give it my all with my baseball bat and some punches but I'd probably be eaten pretty darn fast and not much I could do about it...!

    hmsgofita at hotmail dot com

  11. Get as much ammo and canned food as I can and wait a few weeks till the hospitals are done being looted then set up a base camp there, thank you surviver shows.

  12. So awful. If i had to stay in a zombocalyptic world. Two choice, Stay at home or kill myself. It is so so so awful. I can ensure.

    Follow me please.

  13. Okay, the Zombieland rules for survival come to mind. Let's see...cardio, wear seat belt, double tap, don't be a hero, gotta enjoy the little things...LOL! Seemed to work in the movie, but in the real world, would it? Not so sure. I would find an undergrounds storm shelter (or have one built) and stock it with plenty of food and other survival necessities and then hunker down and wait it out. But really, how long would it be until they got in or I had to get out when I run out of supplies? Aargh, it's pointless! We're all going to die!!!!



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