Thursday, March 17, 2011

Alice found in WhoLand


Alice felt a wet nose similar to her cat, Dinah. Although this was different it was a bit larger and there were 3 or 4 of them prodding her from different directions.


Alice could not get yet open her eyes as she felt quite groggy.

When last we saw her she was caught by a tractor beam on her way up into an alien spacecraft.

The prodding and the howling stopped and instead Alice listened to the strange conversation about her.

Is it her? -Sharina

A bit worse for wear, but I think so. -Sophie

How do you think she came to be here? -Laila

Sharina shrugged. We parted ways from her months ago in Wereland.

Yes, she could not have gotten this far into WhoLand so fast even if she herself was a were creature. -Sheila

Perhaps, she was magicked? -Sophie

In any case, I think this is a sign. Apparently she is to accompany us during our journey into this land. Are we in agreement to take her along if she so chooses? -Sheila

At this point of the story, our heroine, Alice, reanimates (like a zombie) with a flutter of her eyelids and a wiggle of her toes she enters the conversation.

I'm game.

Alice! Wha??? -all around

She speaks -Sharina

You're awake! -Laila

You've been dead to the world since we've come across you this day! -Sophie

What brings you to WhoLand? -Cinder

Well, I don't quite know. I don't remember anything except for a green light and rising up over the clouds.

And, now, I'm here.

Are you injured? -Sheila

How do you feel? -Cinder

Feel? a bit woozy.

Alice stretches her arms

and legs

and turns her head right

and turns her head left

and raises her head up

and lowers her head down

and moves her head all-around.

I believe, I'm in tip-top shape. -Alice

That's a relief.-Sharina

So, we are reunited. -Sheila


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The pack:
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