Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Giveaway: Zombiewood by Rob Sacchetto

And then, Alice's attention was drawn to this motley crew from the night keyhole...

by Rob Sacchetto

Description from the amazon:
Supermodel hacks off dead flesh to drop extra pounds

Pop star's baby bulge explodes, showers crowd with decomposing innards

America's favorite "Friend" on prowl for new beaus and fresh brains

Celeb super couple can't get enough of each other--turn to cannibalism

Diva's munchie mania ends in tragedy for husband's hot dog

Parody zombie news and pics of everybody's fave celebs:

Paula Abdul
Christina Aguilera
Pamela Anderson
David Beckham
George Clooney
Simon Cowell
Miley Cyrus
Johnny Depp
Clint Eastwood
Lady Gaga
Hugh Hefner
Audrey Hepburn
Elton John
Angelina Jolie
Lindsay Lohan
Mike Myers
Brad Pitt
Julia Roberts
Donald Trump
Kanye West
Oprah Winfrey
Tiger Woods

Zombiewood is a work of parody in book format. Not affiliated with, and no sponsorship or endorsement by, the celebrities who are parodied in this work is claimed or suggested.

--~ Book Giveaway courtesy of author ~--

Prize: for 3 winners

Open to all (zombie lovers).

Offer ends: April 10, 2011

Read the article, Zombiewood Weekly by Rob Sacchetto at Neatorama and tell me which zombified celebrity you spotted.

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* fyi: this book will be featured in the upcoming, Zombie Survival event, March 23-25

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