Thursday, March 24, 2011

Neatorama Zombie Survival Supplies

Zombie Mints
from the NeatoShop

Neatorama is currently holding a contest (don't know when it ends) with a fun "what if" scenario.

What if you were in the Neatoshop during a zombie outbreak?

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Excerpt: from Neatorama
Look through the contents of the NeatoShop and devise materials that you’ll need to survive — improvised weapons, water filters, medical equipment, cook stoves — anything that you’ll need to see through the end of this dark chapter in human history.

Leave the description your improvised survival tool in the comments. The most inventive/funniest/silliest will win your choice of any item under $25 from the NeatoShop, and several runners-up will win a t-shirt of their choice!

Go to the Besieged by Zombies at the NeatoShop for more details and to enter their contest.

DO LET ME KNOW (in comments below), if you enter this contest so that I can go read your list of items.

Here are entries:

My top three picks from the NeatoShop would be...

1. Critical Hit: LED Flashing D20 Die - for the moments when in a group setting and volunteers are not forthcoming for chores like carnage cleanup.

2. Credit card survival tool - because all-in-one tools always come in handy

3. Zombie mints - essential when meeting new people, especially if re-populating the world is needed

Totem Salt and Pepper Shaker - oOps, impulse buy

First I'd use boxes of items I'm not gonna use to help barricade the doors.

Then grab some of the Hand Charge Pig Flashlights. So when the power goes I've got something to help me see.

I'm good on food since I have Raman, like the Din Din Fuk Chow and Hello Lazy. (Don't have to cook it to eat it) and I've got plenty of energy drinks and Tru Blood Beverages to wash it down with. I also have some Stay Puff Caffeinated Marshmallows to help keep me going, so I can ration out the other energy drinks.

I can use the hand sanitizers, like the germaphobe one, to help since running water might become an issue, and I don't want to get all germy.

After changing into some new Instant Underpants, cause come on it's the zombie holocaust, I think I'm gonna need a new pair at that point, I'm gonna climb up on the roof with my Slingshot Pens and Using the lightening letter openers from the Butt Lightning as ammo Im gonna start taking them out one at a time.

I'm also gonna take some of the Swear Bear Plushies and throw them off the roof to help distract the zombies from my location.

And I'll be keeping a container of the Resident Evil Outbreak Mints in my back pocket, just in case some other unfortunate humans happen to find their way to my lonely outpost and we need to work on repopulating the earth afterwards.

=== zombie survival schedule ===

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