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Giveaway: Survive by Todd Sprague

Alice continues to look through the night keyhole and sees this...

The New Zed Order:
by Todd Sprague

Description from the amazon:
The dead have come back and they are hungry. They are strong, they are tough, and they are everywhere. Savage packs of undead wander the world, feeding on the living. And they are getting stronger.

Brattleboro Vermont was a small, quiet town filled with good people and small town charm until something brought the dead back to life and turned them loose on an unsuspecting world.

John Mason and his lovely young wife Sara believe that family can survive anything. Together, along with their brave little puppy, they take to the mountains of John's youth and build a stronghold against the encroaching darkness, protecting not only themselves but their families and others lucky enough to SURVIVE in THE NEW ZED ORDER.

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Open to US and Canada only.

Offer ends: April 10, 2011

Read an interview with Todd by the Hartford Examiner and tell me something of interest.

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* fyi: this book will be featured in the upcoming, Zombie Survival event, March 23-25

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  1. "Well, it isn’t the zombies that I like, really. It’s the way zombies push survivors together or apart. It’s how they are like a giant reset button." - I love this quote from the interview. I think I agree with Sprague in that zombies completely change the game. They are like a "giant reset button."

    ~ Tobe (namomma@hotmail.com)

  2. I love zombies. I think it's really intriguing that he's a private investigator. That must be a great day job!

    deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

  3. I liked that there will be three books in this series.

  4. And a FOURTH book - "Jesse's Story", though the author said it will run concurrently with Survive, but not as part of the main series (still sounds awesome!)

    Seriously, I was also intrigued by his interest in the entire family unit survival, as opposed to the typical lone survivor.

    However, I must further add that I am now *vairy worried* about the brave little puppy - so I gotta read this book to make sure all turns out well LOL ;D

  5. I enjoyed reading his selection of favorite authors, though it reminded me I have a Jim Butcher book in my tbr pile.

  6. I like that Jim Butcher and L. Ron Hubbard are among his favorite authors :)


  7. I like his feelings about zombies, how they arent like other monsters, with zombies you know where you stand.


  8. I love how survivor band together also during zombie attacks. Please entered me in contest. I would love to read the book. Tore923@aol.com

  9. How interesting that Todd is a private investigator. I know it's not very glamorous or exciting, like he said, but I've always kind of wanted to be one. LOL! New title for my blog: The True Book Addict--avid reader and private investigator. =OP


  10. I like that he wanted to make a family survive together instead of just an individual.

    the imagine tree at aol dot com

  11. I like his reasoning for why he likes zombies.. " It’s the way zombies push survivors together or apart. It’s how they are like a giant reset button...You know exactly where you stand with a zombie. There are no moral issues (usually), it’s kill or be eaten."

    swaggirl01 at gmail dot com


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