Thursday, March 17, 2011

keyhole: red riding hood

Alice spun around and looked into this keyhole...

Red Riding Hood
by Sarah Blakley-Cartwright

Yeah, yeah. This one has mixed reviews, but it is still on my want list. I'm holding out for the version with the ending included.

Red Riding Hood:
from Script to Screen
by Catherine Hardwicke and David Leslie Johnson


Red Riding Hood
US release date: March 11, 2011

Director: Catherine Hardwicke
Writer: David Johnson
Stars:Amanda Seyfried, Lukas Haas and Gary Oldman

Tagline: Believe the legend. Beware the wolf.

In celebration of the movie release, Fire and Ice are offering a Little Red Riding Hood fine art print by Clear Jade Studio. -offer ends April 11

Here's one more red riding hood item to drool over, Su Blackwell's gorgeous Red Riding Hood book sculpture. Yes, a book sculpture. And, you can check out more of her art pieces at her site.

Alice wants to know, do you plan on watching the film?

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  1. I plan to watch this either on Friday with my sister or (if she cancels) in the dollar theatre with my boyfriend whenever it gets there.

  2. I want to like this movie, but I can't stand what happened to "Twilight". I'll probably end up renting this. I do want a red cape though :)

  3. Yes I definitly want to see this movie, but I probably want to see it before I read the book, since I've heard both good things and bad things about it.

  4. This one still looks fun, even with the bad reviews!

  5. I want to, I hope I can make the time :)

  6. Yeah, I really want to see this and am hoping it's good. Looks kind of scary. That fine art print is really pretty.

  7. I can't wait to watch the film! Thank you for posting the trailer.


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