Thursday, March 17, 2011

Alice and the Doors

And so, the group travels out of the forest and come upon a clearing.

Of sorts.

Alice and the werewolf pack are in the midst of doors.

Doors to the right.

Doors to the left.

Doors in front.

Doors in back.




And, well, more doorS.

Alice reaches for the knob of the closest door.


The pack shift into their human forms to better operate the doors.

Laila jiggles the knob on this door.

Sophie tries her hand with that door.

Sharina bends down to look through the keyhole of another door.

She sees...

Laila takes a peek into the keyhole over there...

Well, this is not the door we want. There's another pack with their own set of problems in there. -Laila

Yes, we are truly in WhoLand. If we spread out and peep through all the keyholes we should eventually find the correct door. - Sheila

Our Alice, being the curious soul she is, thought that this was a grand plan and proceeded to wander her own way.


* image source doors

* image source of Sharina's keyhole is of the Alice in Wonderland themed show at The Hive Gallery in Los Angeles, March 5-26, 2011.

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