Thursday, November 18, 2010

Enid's other Darcy

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Miss Tina sits nervously amongst young ladies in the parlor before the dance commences. She is in good company.

Anne Fareweather sits to Miss Tina's right and comments on the delicious ginger rum punch. In fact, she turns to retrieve another glass. Take care with your conversation she may snortle when drinking.

Araminta Lovelace is both nervous and excited. She has travelled here with her parents. She hopes to showcase the numerous talents she has acquired in front of polite society.

Sybil Grace sits demurely with eyes lowered.

Annabella Freestone arranges her beautiful dress and while doing do catches the eye of a gentleman across the way. She blushes.

Miss Jane Sloper, daughter of Mr. Sloper of Philadelphia, is currently taking a tour of Europe. This is her first first European ball and she hopes to meet someone to her liking at the ball.

Miss Lizzie Evening sits to off to the side fanning herself profusely. Whatever could be the matter? Mayhaps, that man there has risen her temperature...

Bargain with the Devil
by Enid Wilson

Description from the amazon:
In Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, Fitzwilliam Darcy learns of the debacle involving Elizabeth Bennet's sister several months after he was rejected by Elizabeth, and volunteers to help find her sister, of his own accord.

But what if Miss Elizabeth had requested Mr. Darcy's aid in just a few days after the disastrous proposal at Hunsford, and he was still very angry with her refusal?

What if he decided to be ungentlemanly, and demanded a very particular reward from her in exchange for his assistance? This steamy, funny Pride and Prejudice what-if short story explores that scenario with wit, emotion and intriguing plot twists that take this perennial favorite to another direction.

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Abilene aka Miss Jane Sloper
Audra aka Anne Fareweather
Jeane aka Miss Lizzie Evening
Kulsuma aka Araminta Lovelace
PinkStuff aka Sybil Grace
throuthehaze aka Miss Annabella Freestone


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