Monday, November 1, 2010

Pemberley Ball Invitation 2010

You are cordially
to the
Pemberley Ball

November 18-20, 2010
3-day party

event postings will be up each day

- an interactive blog party
- a Darcy love-fest
- prize trinkets

please note: you can post party comments anytime
even after Nov 20
and giveaways end Nov 28

Time-travel with me to the sights and sounds of the Pemberley Ball during the Regency period.

Last year's Mr Darcy found his love, Elizabeth. They were happily wed.

However, this year's ball is hosted by the very single and very eligible other Mr Darcy.

So, ladies should don on their best gowns - or procure new gowns for the event in hopes of catching a Darcy ;-D

You may also encounter classic and not-so-classic Pride and Prejudice characters.

Oh dear, you will be in for a fantastic time!

Please RSVP in comments with a link to your RSVP post in which you tell me:

1. Your Pemberley Ball party name. You can make one up here.

2. Image of your ball gown.

3. Image of your favorite Darcy.

4. Make sure to include a link back to this Pemberley Ball invitation.

If you prefer, you can tell me your details in comments. Make sure to include a link to a picture of your dress or persona.

AND, include your email address.

RSVP sample of a guest last year.

Your RSVP enters you into the Darcy Surprise Prize Pack Giveaway.
- prize include Darcylicious trinkets
- offer ends: Nov 20, 2010


Contest has ended - winner is here


RSVP sample from Lady Vee:

Lady Vee

Greetings! I am the wife of Lord Vee of America. We have returned to attend this year's Pemberley Ball event as we had a splendid time in attendance last year.

My daughter, Faustina is with us and we hope that she may meet someone to her liking. The last fete we attended was the Masked Ball in May. There were four men vying for her heart at the time. The men were quite handsome with special attributes of their own. They were Juan de Spades, Johnny o'Mallet, Jacques D'amond and Jonathan Lammerts van Hartz.

Rumor has it that one or more of these men may be at the Pemberley Ball. We shall see what becomes of our Tina at this event.

My favorite Mr. Darcy:

Elliot Cowan
from Lost in Austen (2008)

Party crashers:

Are you undecided as to whether or not to come to the party?

Are you unable to commit the time to attend the party "live"?

No need to worry. You are welcome to visit anytime during the party weekend or afterwards to comment on party posts and enter any of my Jane Austen related giveaways!

Check out the RSVPs received.


* image source invite badge - cover for Jane Austen's Guide to Good Manners: Compliments, Charades & Horrible Blunders by Josephine Ross and illustrated by Henrietta Webb

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