Friday, November 19, 2010

Pemberley Ball: Continues

The party continues...

Today's batch of Darcys will be those who are happily married to Elizabeth.

Feel free to chat with this batch of Darcys!

~~!~~!~~!~~ Lady Vee's corner ~~!~~!~~!~~

Lady Vee sits with Mrs Darcy and tells her about a few of the guests in attendance...

Alessandra aka Lady Deborah Harper samples the trifle at the buffet table.

Freda aka Lady Melissa Edmondson secretly powders her nose behind her fan.

Heather aka Lady Godiva shares a glass of wine with Lady Vee. She was in attendance last year and reminisces about the after party shenanigans.

Jennifer aka Calliope Cathwood arrived fashionably late with Mr Willoughby upon her arm!

Julia aka Lady Alexandria Culpepper decides to go into the parlor to play cards. Perhaps a round of whist?

Mary aka Lady Mary Elizabeth Lacey agrees to visit the conservatory with a certain gentleman who has invited her to view beautiful roses that are in bloom.

Meredith aka Lady Elizabeth Jane Knightley is looking spritely as she dances with her husband, Lord Knightley.

Misty aka Misté, La Marquessa graces us with her presence for a second year. The young ladies flock around her for advice on the latest Paris fashions.

Regina aka Aoife Kennice, the Countess of Greenwall and her husband, Adam Lawrence, the Earl of Greenwall position themselves on the dance floor for a quadrille.

Sharon aka Marchioness of Warrow shares fond memories of her adventures in Derbyshire with Darcy's sister, Georgiana.

Stella aka Lady Katherina Rose Beresford merrily sings some tunes in the drawing room.

Violet aka Lady Violet Dujardin speaks with Mrs Bennet about procuring husbands for the remaining Bennet girls.


Lady Vee looks towards you...

Pray, tell us how you are spending this eve?

~~- Book Giveaway -~~

Mr. Darcy's Diary
by Amanda Grange

Open to all.

Offer ends: November 28, 2010


1. Sign the Pemberley Ball Guestbook (if you haven't already)

2. Visit at least one of the guests above and leave them a comment on their site. Let me know in comments who you visited. (earn extra points if you visit others--just tell me who)


Contest has ended - winner is here


~~- Pemberley Ball schedule -~~


  1. I visited Heather. I commented on Pemberley Ball 2010 post.

  2. Then I visited Calliope Cathwood (Jennifer) and commented on her Pemberley Ball post. Then I visited Lady Mary Elizabeth Lacey (Mary) and commented on her "What to wear to the Pemberley ball?" post. Then I visited Elizabeth Jane Knightley (Meredith) and commented on her post for Pemberley ball. Next was a visit to Misté, La Marquessa (Misty) and commented on her Pemberley Ball RSVP post. Next was Lady Katherina Rose Beresford (Stella) I commented on Monday What are you Reading Post. And lastly Lady Violet Dujardin (Violet) and I commented on I'm A Cookie Book Monster.

  3. Such lovely guests -- so many dresses to covet! I left my card with Lady Alexandria, Misté, La Marquessa (had to find out who does her dresses!), Lady Katherina, and Lady Elizabeth.

  4. I visited Miste and Lady Melissa! La Marquessa, I think, has stolen some designs of my dress! I think it's a bit too similar to mine! LOL

  5. Skimpy, darling. Daring, with zhat certain je ne sais quoi...Zhat ees the Parisienne fashion maintenant!

  6. Et, Lady Godiva! I think perhaps our modiste has done us a bad turn, selling us both zee same dress! C'est horrible!

  7. Well, we just have fabulous taste!

  8. I shal visit the buffet table :)

    Sibyl Grace

  9. I visited :Alessandra aka Lady Deborah Harper

  10. Yes! My husband and I most definitely enjoyed our dancing last night! And we were most pleasantly suprised that the shocking waltz was included!

  11. I visited Misty!
    (I've visited the other ladies once before, but should I visit them again if I want extra points?)

    I will meet you at the cloakroom!

  12. Besides the piano as Mr. Churchill gazes into the eyes of Miss Fairfax while she sings her duet with me, anyone can feel the magnetism between the couple.

    I visited Lady Violet Dujardin.

  13. I went to visit Misty's lovely site :)

  14. LOL now I understand why it was so busy all of a sudden in Mr. Bennet's other wise so quiet library.

    I (silently) visited several of the other lady's, but I will try to go back and leave my card her and there as I would love to read Darcy's Diary...

    (till later)
    >>>>>>>>>>>>> *Ü* >>>>>>>>>>>>>

  15. I visited and left my card at the castle's of:

    - Miss Calliope Cathwood aka Jennifer Becton

    - Lady Alexandria Culpepper aka Julia Ergane

    - La Marquessa Misté aka Misty
    (I ♥ her Book Rat)

    I wish I had more hours in my day to visit all the Lady's.
    Perhaps at a later time?


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